We Need You To Vote!

As union members, every day we see the attacks on collective bargaining, our pensions, our health care and our overall mission of social, racial and economic justce. One significant way we know that works to push back on these anti-worker groups is to VOTE!

You have the absolute right in our state to take the time you need to vote without penalty or interference by your employer. If you feel your employer is violating this right under Minnesota Statute 204C.04 and 204C.08 subd. 1d you can report them by submitting a complaint to your local county attorney. All employers should welcome voting by all employees to help create the future we need and deserve. 

We have less than two weeks until Election Day. You can either request an absentee ballot and vote from home by going to afscme.org/vote, vote early at your county office (see list here) or vote in-person on Election Day, November 3rd from 7am-8pm. Not registered to vote or have you recently moved? No problem! Just make sure that you show up to your polling location with proper identification and you can register same day. Check out this factsheet for additional information on registering to vote. 

Before you vote, please be sure to check who your AFSCME-endorsed candidates are here

We know that every political year, anti-worker organizations and Super PACs will try to divide us along race, class, geography, sexual identity/expression, sexual orientation, religion/non-religion and so much more; But if we are truly united and hold true to our shared values of protecting and expanding collective bargaining, safe staffing, investing in public services and employees, taxing the wealthy and profitable corporations and investing in all of our communities including communities of color then we can accomplish anything, siblings!