2024 Election

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This is prepared and paid for by the AFSCME Council 5 PEOPLE Fund, 300 Hardman Ave. S. South St. Paul, MN 55075. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

AFSCME Endorsements

U.S. House

  • Rachel Bohman, District 1
  • Angie Craig, District 2
  • Kelly Morrison, District 3
  • Betty McCollum, District 4
  • Ilhan OmarDistrict 5
  • Jeanne Hendricks, District 6

Minnesota House

  • Jeff Brand, District 18A
  • Luke Frederick, District 18B
  • Jessica Navarro, District 19A
  • Heather Arndt, District 20A
  • Michael Hutchinson, District 20B
  • Marisa Ulmen, District 22A
  • Joseph Staloch, District 23A
  • Joe Pacovsky, District 23B
  • Heather Holmes, District 24A
  • Kim Hicks, District 25A
  • Andrew Smith, District 25B
  • Allie Wolf, District 26B
  • Matt Norris, District 32B
  • Jake Ross, District 33A
  • Josiah Hill, District 33B
  • Brian Raines, District 34A
  • Kari Rehrauer, District 35B
  • Janelle Calhoun, District 36A
  • Brion Curran, District 36B
  • Huldah Hiltsley, District 38A
  • Curtis Johnson, District 40B
  • Lucia Wroblewski, District 41A
  • Peter Fischer, District 44A
  • Leon Lillie, District 44B
  • Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, District 47A
  • Julie Greene, District 50A
  • Liz Reyer, District 52A
  • Bianca Virnig, District 52B
  • Mary Francis Clardy, District 53A
  • Rick Hansen, District 53B
  • Brad Tabke, District 54A
  • Jess Hanson, District 55A
  • Kaela Berg, District 55B
  • Robert Bierman, District 56A
  • John Huot, District 56B
  • Veda Kanitz, District 57A
  • Brian Cohn, District 57B
  • Kristi Pursell, District 58A
  • Anquam Mahamoud, District 62B
  • Kaohly Her, District 64A
  • Dave Pinto, District 64B
  • Samakab Hussein, District 65A
  • Leigh Finke, District 66A
  • Liz Lee, District 67A

Anoka County Board of Commissioners 

  • Betsy O'Berry, District 1
  • Mike Gamache, District 5
  • Julie Jeppson, District 6
  • Mandy Meisner, District 7

Dakota County Board of Commissioners

  • Bill Droste, District 1

Hennepin County Board of Commissioners

  • Jeffrey Lunde, District 1
  • Heather Edelson, District 6
  • Kevin Anderson, District 7

Ramsey County Board of Commissioners

  • Tara Jebens-Singh, District 1

Maplewood City Council

  • Steve Fitze
  • Nikki Villavicencio-Tollison

This list will continue to be updated with additional endorsements. Find out who represents you here.

What is the Endorsement Process?

Regional PEOPLE Committees are made up of rank-and-file and local AFSCME members who ensure all candidates submit a completed questionnaire with answers to questions regarding the shared values of our members. During the screening, members are able to ask questions of the candidates and hold them accountable to our shared values. The PEOPLE Committee then may issue a recommendation for endorsement. Per the Council 5 Constitution, all endorsements are formally approved by the AFSCME Council 5 Executive Board. Federal candidates are approved by our International Union.

Can I Participate?

Absolutely! All dues-paying members of AFSCME Council 5 can attend regional PEOPLE Committee screenings with candidates. All attendees will be allowed to ask questions of candidates, but only appointed PEOPLE Committee members may cast a formal vote to endorse/not endorse. These recommendations are then forwarded to the AFSCME Council 5 Executive Board, comprised of members of AFSCME Council 5.

Time Off to Vote

Your employer is required by Minnesota Statute to give you sufficient time off to vote without penalty or loss of pay. If this statute is violated, the employer is guilty of a misdemeanor. Click here to view the statute.