Local 3800: University of Minnesota Clerical Workers

A message for AFSCME 3800 President, Cherrene Horazuk

Dear coworkers and fellow AFSCME members:

LOS ANGELES – In a union election victory 17 years in the making, child care providers across California have 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday joined AFSCME President Lee Saunders and front-line public service workers from states experiencing surges in coronavirus cases to urge the Senate to approve

Be it resolved that AFSCME 3800 endorses the efforts to advance racial and economic justice put forward by the Labor Coalition for Community Action, which is comprised of the const

AFSCME 3800 is partnering with MFT 59 to collect & donate supplies for their supply bank. If you are able to donate needed items (below) in person, they can be dropped off at the address below on Mondays & Tuesdays from 10a-3p.

If you are unable to donate in person, but would like to contribute funds toward the purchase of supplies, please do so via PayPal: paypal.me/CHorazuk

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