Strength In Numbers; A Call for Renewed Membership Growth

It's no secret that the strength of a team lies in its unity. When individuals come together with a shared goal, we can achieve remarkable things. In the workplace, this principle rings especially true with joining your fellow co-workers in joining our union family. However, it's essential to recognize that the power of unity isn't just a concept; it's a tangible force that directly impacts your rights, benefits, and working conditions.

At your union family, AFSCME Council 5, we firmly believe in the strength of collective bargaining and YOUR VOICE in the workplace being the most powerful means of securing the wins and victories we need to live better lives. It's the cornerstone of our union, empowering workers to stand together and negotiate as a unified force. But why does this matter, especially when it comes to lower union membership numbers in your workplace?

When fewer workers join together in a union, our collective bargaining power is weakened. It's akin to a team losing critical players on a sports team—it becomes more challenging to negotiate effectively with employers. Imagine trying to win a game with only half your team on the field. The odds are stacked against you. Similarly, when not all workers join the union, the bargaining power is diluted, making it harder to secure fair wages, benefits, and improved working conditions for everyone. But some might ask, "what is the union"? The simple answer is "YOU!" You are our union. You lead our local unions in your workplace. And you are the ones who know your job best and can best advocate for what you need and deserve.

Collective bargaining isn't just about demanding better pay or benefits; it's about ensuring fair treatment, safe working environments, and having a voice in decisions that directly affect your livelihood. A strong union ensures that workers have a say in workplace policies, hours, benefits, and more. But this strength lies in unity. Corporations, employers, and the wealthy hate the fact that they are no match for our people power; that is why they throw millions of dollars to scare workers and spread their lies to weaken your voice on the job.

AFSCME Council 5 Interim Executive Director Bart Andersen said, "Being a member of our AFSCME family isn't just about joining us, it's about ensuring every worker has a powerful voice in their workplace and that you feel empowered to take charge of your life and livelihood." He continued, "Unity is the bedrock of our bargaining power. When workers stand together in a union, they amplify their voice and drive impactful change for a fairer, more dignified workplace."

Some workers may be hesitant to join a union for various reasons—fear of repercussions, uncertainty about the process, or concerns about dues. However, it's crucial to weigh these concerns against the potential gains of collective bargaining. The protections and benefits secured through union negotiations often far outweigh the costs. We defend your rights every step of the way, without hesitation. Never fear standing up for yourself and for your coworkers. We can't let employers dictate our livelihoods; With a union, you have a powerful tool to fight and win victories that makes your life easier, better, and safer.

Joining AFSCME Council 5 isn't just about individual gain; it's about contributing to a larger movement that advocates for fairness, equity, and dignity in the workplace. Your membership isn't just a card in your wallet; it's a vote for better working conditions, a stand for worker rights, and an investment in a stronger, more empowered workforce.

Together, we are stronger, louder, and more capable of shaping a workplace that values and respects its workers.

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