Staff the Front Lines Tour!

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking event between AFSCME Council 5, AFSCME International, and the State of Minnesota as part of our union's Staff the Front Lines initiative. AFSCME International, led by President Lee Saunders, has launched a bus tour across the country - with a stop right here in the "North Star State" alongside Council 5 Executive Director Julie Bleyhl and our union members.

This collaborative effort aims to address the pressing issue of open job positions across our union's bargaining units. We are committed to finding solutions that benefit our members, the State of Minnesota, and the communities we serve. Our union will be expanding our outreach to many other sectors within our membership to fill open positions in local government and the private sector!

On July 24, 2023, we will host a job fair, listening session, and a press conference to highlight the work our members do and how community members can apply for these jobs.

Job Fair, Listening Session, and Press Conference:

As a significant step towards our goal, we are organizing a job fair to provide opportunities for individuals seeking employment. The job fair will bring together job seekers and representatives from various sectors where open positions exist, including healthcare, public safety, transportation, and more. This event will serve as a bridge, connecting talented individuals with fulfilling career opportunities within our union's bargaining units.

In conjunction with the job fair, we will be hosting a press conference to announce our partnership officially. This will be an opportunity for us to share our vision, goals, and the importance of this collaboration. The press conference will highlight the mutual commitment of AFSCME Council 5, AFSCME International, and the State of Minnesota in addressing the challenges we face and working towards a brighter future for our members and the communities they serve.

We will also be holding a listening session with AFSCME and AFSCME Council 5 union members and leaders, including AFSCME Council 5 Executive Director Julie Bleyhl, External Relations and Planning Director Max Hall, AFSCME Council 5 leaders and rank-and-file members, MMB leadership, and House Majority Leader Jamie Long. 

Reducing Barriers to Employment and Diversity:

Recognizing that certain barriers exist in the employment process, AFSCME, AFSCME Council 5, and AFSCME Council 65 members and leaders will meet with representatives from the State of Minnesota, to discuss ways to reduce these barriers. We believe that by addressing these obstacles, we can foster an inclusive and diverse workforce that better represents the communities we serve.

Our union is dedicated to creating an environment that embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all. By partnering with the State, we aim to ensure that employment opportunities are accessible to individuals from all backgrounds and communities. Together, we will actively work towards removing systemic barriers that hinder equitable hiring practices and provide a level playing field for everyone.

Championing Our Members and Union:

This partnership would not have been possible without the leadership and dedication of our Executive Director Julie Bleyhl, and AFSCME International President Lee Saunders. Their unwavering commitment to our members and our union's values has paved the way for this historic collaboration. We extend our deepest gratitude to President Lee Saunders, and all those who have worked tirelessly to make this partnership a reality and for stopping in Minneapolis to see our Council's work firsthand and bring the power and leadership of the International Union to our state.

Moving Forward as a Union Family:

In these challenging times, it is crucial that we stand united as a union family. Our collective strength lies in our ability to work together, support one another, and create opportunities for our members. This partnership with the State of Minnesota represents a significant milestone in our efforts to Staff the Front Lines and fill open jobs with capable individuals who share our commitment to public service.

As we move forward, we will continue to advocate for our members, create pathways to employment, and fight for fair working conditions. We encourage all members to get involved, participate in the job fair, and contribute to our shared mission of building a stronger and more inclusive union.


The AFSCME Council 5 and AFSCME International partnership with the State of Minnesota and many other employers is an exciting development that will address open job positions, reduce barriers to employment, and promote diversity within our union's bargaining units. Through the job fair, press conference, and collaborative efforts with the State in this particular event, we are committed to empowering our members, fostering inclusivity, and serving the communities we represent.

Let us move forward together, as a union family, and create a brighter future for all.