Honoring our Fallen and Injured Workers

Today is Workers’ Memorial Day, a day in which we remember, mourn, and fight for workers who were killed, disabled, and/or otherwise injured on the job. For many years, our union has continued to serve as a beacon of activism for safe staffing in every workplace. I am constantly reminded of the critical work we all do as a union that fights for the basic rights of working people to be safe on the job and to go home safely to our loved ones.

When Officer Joseph Gomm was killed at MCF-Stillwater and Officer Joseph Parise died on the job, countless correctional officers, probation officers, social workers and child protection workers, library workers, security counselors, and many others face real and everyday threats and acts of violence in the workplace, and workers who passed away or became ill due to COVID-19 exposure at work, our union family continues to stand together in solidarity to take action.

Our union’s cornerstone principle is simple and clear: Every worker has the right to go home safely at the end of their shift. No exceptions...  “An injury to one is an injury to all!"

In solidarity,

Julie Bleyhl

Executive Director
AFSCME Council 5