AFSCME 3800 Resolution on Racial & Economic Justice

Be it resolved that AFSCME 3800 endorses the efforts to advance racial and economic justice put forward by the Labor Coalition for Community Action, which is comprised of the constituency groups of the AFL-CIO, including the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, APALA, LCLAA, A. Phillip Randolph Institute, Pride at Work, and the Coalition of Labor Union Women.

Be it further resolved that AFSCME 3800 joins with the national labor constituency groups in supporting the demands of the Movement for Black Lives:

• We demand an end to the war against Black people
• We demand a divestment from the police and an investment in Black communities
• We demand local schools, colleges, universities, and all public institutions cut ties with the police
• We demand repair for past and continuing harms
• We demand relief for our communities
• We demand economic justice for all our people
• We demand the rights of protesters be respected
• We demand community control of policing and security

Be it further resolved that AFSCME 3800 endorses CPAC – the Civilian Police Accountability Council legislation in Minneapolis as a concrete embodiment of the demand for community control of policing and public security and encourage other communities to bring forward similar legislation.

Be it further resolved that AFSCME 3800 supports the work of the POCI (People of Color and Indigenous) Caucus of the Minnesota Legislature that advances the concrete demands of the movement and our communities.

Be it further resolved that we will mobilize our members to participate in protests, actions, and other efforts to advance these demands and support our communities.

Be it finally resolved that AFSCME 3800 will encourage our state and national unions to adopt these demands and pass similar resolutions.