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Each time our contract expires and we head into negotiations for our new contract we face a huge fight because the U of M wants to:

  • Keep our wages low while continuing to give administrators huge salaries.
  • Cut our jobs while expanding administrative positions.
  • Continue to hack away at our hard-earned health care benefits.
  • Continue the drive to make the U inaccessible to our families.
  • Continue with reduced Regents’ Scholarship benefits so we can’t afford to further our education.
  • Ignore the disrespect and bullying we face in our workplaces.

We deserve better. Our families and communities do, too. But we have to build our power to fight back and win.

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The key to winning a good contract is showing the University administration that we’re ready to do what it takes to win. Joining our union is the first step! Make sure you ARE a member by signing a membership card. Check with your Executive Board Rep, area Assembly member, or our organizers to join today.



As U of M employees, we organized our union around a simple idea: Every employee should have the opportunity to participate in making the decisions that affect our working lives. The basic idea behind a union is that we have shared interests and goals with our coworkers: whether you are an Accounts Specialist, Program Specialist, Administrative Assistant, or a Student Services Specialist, we all want guaranteed raises and job security. We want our benefits protected and we want a fair and dignified work environment. Rather than standing alone, we are a lot stronger when we stand together and take collective action. Our union puts that wisdom into action. We are committed to helping the University remain a quality employer. 


Easy - sign a membership card! You can sign a digital membership card via If you would like to talk to an organizer to answer any questions you may have, contact [email protected]. As a union member, you are joining your coworkers from across the University to exercise your voice and making a commitment to maintaining quality public jobs. You are also saying that you believe clerical workers at the University should have a strong voice and deserve representation.


Quite simply, our union does what our membership wants and is willing to work toward. Our union was formed in 1991 by clerical workers who wanted to ensure that we had dignity and a voice in the workplace. At that time, we were over 90% women, and had some of the lowest paying jobs at the U. Many of us went years without a pay increase, and others were in “temporary” positions for years at a time. Since forming our union, members have won contract language that ensures temporary positions are just that – temporary, and that our jobs are permanent appointments that offer stability and security. Many of us started out in positions that barely paid above the minimum wage. Our union organized a living wage campaign that won the highest starting salary at any public university in the country. Here are just some of our victories: 

  • New clerical workers are now guaranteed a starting salary of at least $16.61 an hour, with most positions starting well at over that.
  • We have guaranteed annual salary increases (i.e. “steps”), which recognize the experience we gain each year in our positions. 
  • We organized and won a partial restoration of the Regents’ Scholarship for ALL University employees. We will continue to push for a full restoration of these benefits.
  • We work to ensure that all clerical workers have a respectful workplace that is free of bullying.
  • We won 6-week paid parental leave for all parents (not just the birth parent). Parental leave used to be 2-weeks and only for the birth parent.


A VOICE in YOUR Union: Only AFSCME 3800 members can vote in union elections. These include determining leadership – Officers, Executive Board members and Negotiating Committee members – and determining whether to ratify contracts or strike.

A Stronger Voice at the U of MN: By becoming a member of AFSCME 3800, you will strengthen the voice of workers who want to build a better University of MN. This includes enforcing our contracts, winning higher wages, securing our benefits, and being a voice for making our University responsive to all Minnesotans, not just business interests.

Scholarships, Discounts and Other Services: AFSCME members and their families have exclusive access to scholarships; insurance, credit counseling and legal services; and discounts on wireless phone services, health clubs, car rentals, restaurants, and many other products.