Max Vast (they/them)


312 Central Ave Se, Suite 356
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Max Vast has been a member and leader in 3800 since 2016, when they moved from working at the Morris campus to St. Paul. Their earliest memories include going to union meetings with both of their parents and joining the picket line with Rochester's striking teachers in 1991. Max believes in leading radical change through hope, love, and fun. They are parenting a middle schooler and a horde (hoard? Both. It's both.) of house plants. Max has always found comfort in video games, TV, and movies. About every 6-12 months they choose a new hobby, spend an unnecessary amount of money on supplies, obsess for a few weeks, realize they aren't perfect yet, and ultimately abandon it for all of eternity. Their home is scattered with WIPs from several such endeavors (please send help). They love to be outside, to play, and to swim in any water big enough to swim in.