When: Thursday, Jul 23, 2020, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

https://umn.zoom.us/j/98292381064pwd=cXllelpWdWJqMzRYemhjNEExWklsZz09 | Meeting ID: 982 9238 1064 | Password: AFSCME3800

Thursday Info Session - Today! Topic: Workplace Bullying

Thursday, July 23rd | 1:00pm-2:00pm | https://umn.zoom.us/j/98292381064pwd=cXllelpWdWJqMzRYemhjNEExWklsZz09 | Meeting ID: 982 9238 1064 | Password: AFSCME3800

Today's info session topic will be on Workplace Bullying. We know that bullying in the workplace is pervasive and our Local has worked long and hard to address and put and end to workplace bullying at the U. Find out how to identify if you are being bullied and ways you can stand up for yourself and your co-workers. Whether you are working remotely or not, bullying can happen. Being informed and knowing your rights is the best way to put an end to it!