Steward Information

Stewards are members of the union who are trained in making sure that employee rights are upheld. 

A list of stewards can also be seen in the PDF below:

Contacting a steward can sometimes be the first step in investigating a potential Unfair Labor Practice, which is when a company violates national labor law. Find out more about Unfair Labor Practices at the Minnesota Historical Society in the PDF linked below:

Stewards have also helped file grievances, which are when a union claims that their contract is being broken. You can see an excerpt of Local 3173's contract outlining the grievance process in the PDF below: 

For over-the-phone help about workplace rights and other questions, contact the AFSCME Member Action Center (open 8:00am-5:00pm) at 651-450-4990.


Local 3173 Chief Steward
Local 3173 Chief Steward
Local 3173 Chief Steward