Steward Information

Stewards are members of the union who are trained in making sure that employee rights are upheld. 

All bargaining-unit eligible MNHS workers have the right to steward representation, whether or not you've become a union member. A list of Stewards can be seen in the PDF below:

Contact the Chief Stewards or David Bard if you need help with filing an Unfair Labor Practice charge, which is when our employer violates national labor law. Find out more about Unfair Labor Practices at the Minnesota Historical Society in the PDF linked below:

Stewards also help with filing grievances, which is when our union claims that our contract has been violated. You only have 14 days from the violation to file. You can see an excerpt of Local 3173's contract outlining the grievance process in the PDF below: 

For over-the-phone help about workplace rights and other questions, contact the AFSCME Member Action Center (open 8:00am-5:00pm) at 651-450-4990.

Chief Stewards

Local 3173 Chief Steward
Local 3173 Chief Steward
Local 3173 Chief Steward
John Fitzer