About Us

We are AFSCME 

America’s communities never rest. This work matters because it means something to make a community better. That’s why people who work in public service never stop. For us this isn’t just a job. It’s a calling.

AFSCME is a union that honors solidarity without conformity, drawing each member’s story into a force of experience and commitment that can’t be ignored. That’s how we win better lives for ourselves, our families, and our communities. As people proudly committed to public service, we never quit.

We are Local 3173

We are employees of the Minnesota Historical Society. Our workforce spans a network of sites throughout the state.

We are stewards of history and sites. We are the infrastructure that supports daily operations. We are entrusted with connecting people to the past, facilitating curiosity in the now, and keeping in mind our responsibilities to future generations. 

We, the workers, make MNHS work! We deserve respect and dignity. Our Local 3173 is built by the very people it serves and will always advocate for us.

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Vice President
Steward Amanda Wolfson for MNHS Union
Board Member at Large
Board Member at Large
Nancy Hoffman
Board Member at Large
Board Member at Large
Jacob Rorem
One-Year Trustee
Two-Year Trustee
Three-Year Trustee
Field Rep. AFSCME Council 5