Fair Share Dues & Union Dues

Due to the status of MNHS being a private non-profit employer, our bargaining eligible colleagues have to choose between joining the Union or authorizing fair share fees. Contact us if you have any questions at [email protected].

Employees who are bargaining-unit eligible but are not union members must turn in the following paperwork. The paperwork can be filled in and emailed to [email protected].

You can also contact the Member Action Center at 651-450-4990.

This is the language in our contract concerning fair share fees: "All members of the bargaining unit shall either become members of the Union or pay agency fees to the Union no later than thirty (30) calendar days after the start of their employment or the execution of this Agreement, whichever is later, and shall thereafter be obligated to pay uniformly required dues or agency fees as a condition of continued employment."

This means:

  • Union members (those who have signed a card) pay union dues. Union eligible members who have not signed a card pay agency fees also known as “Fair Share dues." 

  • The Union has a progressive dues structure where full time staff who work 30+ hours a week pay 1.9% of their pay into dues. For staff who work less than 30 hours, the amount is 1.3% of their pay. For workers who choose not to join the union, they would pay 85%of the amount card-signers pay. So, 85% of 1.9 percent for 30+ hour workers, or 85% of 1.3 for anything less than that.

Here's a further breakdown: 

Union members (dues): 

  • 1.0 FTE-.75 FTE (full time equivalent), 1.9% of gross wages, deducted from each paycheck. 

  • .74FTE-.0FTE, 1.3% of gross wages, deducted from each paycheck. 

  • The current law requires dues to be taken out after taxes.

Bargaining unit eligible workers who do not sign up to be a union member (agency fees): 

  • 1.0 FTE-.75 FTE (full time equivalent), 85% of the 1.9%, or 1.65%. 

  • .74FTE-.0FTE, 85% of the 1.3%, or 1.105%.

  • This amount is also taken from your gross wages and deducted from each paycheck. The current law requires the agency fees to be taken out after taxes.

Our contact says: "An employee who fails to satisfy the above (section 1) shall be discharged within thirty (30) calendar days following the receipt of a written demand from the Union requesting their discharge if, during said period, the required dues or agency fees have not been tendered. The Union agrees to indemnify and hold MNHS harmless against any and all claims, suits, orders, or judgements brought or issued against MNHS as a result of any action taken or not taken by MNHS under provisions of this Article."