Hennepin County Workers - Take Action NOW for Affordable Health Care!

URGENT! The Hennepin County Board of Commissioners needs to hear from you TODAY!

Call Hennepin County Chair Commissioner Marion Greene at 1-888-833-9154 NOW. Tell her you’re a Hennepin County worker and that you need affordable health insurance now – not a “premium holiday” that would vastly benefit the employer but leave workers high and dry, with no reduction to our out of pocket health care expenses.

Then take another minute to call YOUR commissioner. Click here to find out who represents you on the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners. Download& print a flier to share with your coworkers:

PDF iconAction Alert! Call now for affordable health care for Hennepin County workers!

Here's what you need to know:

On Thursday July 18th, union representatives met with management to discuss healthcare plans for 2020 aspart of our Labor Management Health Care Committee. We had some big wins. Going into the meeting Labor had two solid demands we agreed not to back away from:

  1. Return the interest generated from our reserves back to our plan
  2. Decrease healthcare costs to members by 2%.

Standing united and together, Labor won the following:

  1. The Employer and all unions reached consensus on RECOMMENDING a return of the interest fromour plan starting this year. That means we would get back over 1 million dollars the plan will earn in interest thisyear. This is nothing more than a recommendation and does not bind County Commissioners to agree to it. HOWEVER itrepresents a huge shift in the employer's position on the matter. Just one month ago they said this could never happensave a change in state law. Our unity between AFSCME and the other unions was the cause of this victory
  2. The Employer, bucking the consensus process and the actuary's recommendation, did not move from their position of no changes to the plan. HOWEVER Labor, representing 16 different representatives, reached aconsensus to recommend the following improvements to our healthcare:
  • NO office visit copays
  • Reduce pharmacy copays by 50%
  • Reduce urgent care copays to $35