Executive Director's Report

December 14, 2022

AFSCME Council 5 Executive Board, Local Presidents, Officers, and All Staff:

I highly encourage you to please read all of the sections below. There are critical updates contained. Thank you!

Resources for Members and Local Leaders
It is no surprise that anti-worker special interest groups are spreading their lies to try and scam our members into giving up their voice in the workplace by dropping their union membership. But we have "people power" and all of YOU on our side in order to push back on these lies and ensure we keep building a stronger, better, and more equitable union for ALL. 

Please see, use, print and/or email the attached documents to your friends, family, and co workers as we continue to show the power of being a union member!

1. 2022 AFSCME Council 5 Annual Report
2. 7 Reasons to Work Union (for union bulletin boards, cubicles, etc.)
3. List of available trainings for local unions
4. Respect and Dignity sign (for union bulletin boards, cubicles, etc.)

2022 Election
After the major successes we achieved in the 2022 election through our member mobilization program, we are now moving into the accountability phase. This is the time that we must hold elected officials accountable to our shared values and our legislative agenda that improves the lives of our union members and all working people. We knew we needed to put a face to our union, and we SHOWED UP every step of the way. 

In the election, our members...
• Knocked on thousands of doors
• Made tens of thousands of phone calls
• Shared their personal stories regarding wages, health care 
• and so much more

Safe Staffing
There is arguably no more important issue to our members than being able to go home safely after they leave work. Unfortunately, for many in our prisons and secure facilities, group homes, libraries, and so many other workplaces, many of our members have been assaulted and/or threatened while doing their job. Even worse, some of our members have been killed or permanently disabled while doing their job. We continue to keep the families and co workers of Officer Joe Gomm, Officer Joe Parise, and others in our thoughts and will never give up our fight for Safe Staffing.

Just recently, some of our members have been scratched by their clients to the point of having scars, one member lost the tip of his finger when he was attacked by a patient, and our workers have even been routinely threatened by violent groups when simply doing their jobs.

• What are we doing?
Unsafe staffing is unacceptable. And our union continues to fight back by revitalizing and revamping our Safe Staffing campaign. We will have more details to lay out shortly but know that Safe Staffing in EVERY workplace remains one of the highest priorities of our union and what we are known for across Minnesota and the country. 

• What can you do?
We will need you to submit your stories and have your coworkers send their stories to us as well! We will make this submission process smooth and as easy as possible for our members to tell their story. More details to come but keep us informed in the meantime!

Thank you all for the work you do!

In solidarity, 

Julie Bleyhl
Executive Director