Tell City Hall: Protect St. Paul Workers!

To protect the health and well-being of city workers and the St. Paul residents we serve, we call upon the City to provide:

1. Paid Emergency Pandemic Leave for employees who are ill, taking care of loved ones due to illness or school/daycare closures, or government mandated closures. Employees should not be forced to drain existing sick or vacation accruals. We request the City of St. Paul provide an Emergency Leave Fund for the pandemic throughout the duration of the leave.

2. All benefits, including medical, be extended throughout the Emergency Pandemic Leave to ensure no gap in coverage.

3. Allow employees who can, to work remotely.

4. All services that are non-essential should be closed and employees be paid from the Emergency Pandemic Leave Fund.

5. Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer must be distributed to operating work sites to aid in containing the virus and should include person protective equipment as needed. This includes all public buildings be cleaned and sanitized including all common areas.

6. We request continuing conversations in ongoing meet and confers.

We are committed to providing the critical services that St Paul residents depend on. All we ask is that the City take common-sense measures to protect workers, our families, and the people we serve.

Call Mayor Melvin Carter at 651-266-8510 and the St. Paul City Council TODAY!