Mike Buesing Local Union Development Award: Local 66

The Mike Buesing Local Union Development Award is presented each year to an individual member, local union or group of members or locals who have contributed significantly to internal mobilization and local union development.

We're thrilled to present this year's award to Local 66. The Northland local celebrated 100 years strong in 2019. Leaders embraced the opportunity and used the anniversary as a tool to organize internally, hosting gatherings throughout the region and passing down their local's century-long legacy to younger workers.

Because Local 66 covers such a broad region (and range of workers), the local's efforts were especially effective for engaging harder-to-reach members. Spreading the word about the local's 100-year history also proved to be an excellent tool for reaching younger workers in the bargaining unit who weren't aware of their union's powerful legacy.

Local 66 has proven, throughout the past century, their commitment to educating, agitating and organizing workers to stand up for what's right. Congratulations to Local 66 - and happy birthday!