AFSCME Council 5 Call to Action

AFSCME Council 5 continues to fight for equity and critical investments all of us benefit from. We as a union focus on the financial, emotional, and physical well-being of our members and work every day to carry their concerns with us in our work with members in workplaces and in the halls of power.

We continue to be inspired by our members’ response to our calls to action, but more is needed. This pandemic has not slowed down and neither will we as a union. We urge congressional and state legislative leaders to prioritize the needs and demands of workers in this time of crisis. Without them, our country wouldn’t function. Members, we need you to:

  1. Push the Trump Administration to fully activate the Defense Production Act for corporations to create and distribute the Personal Protective Equipment that all workers need during this time of crisis. ACT NOW by clicking here and sign a petition to demand this live-saving power of the federal government. We cannot let corporate greed be placed above the lives of working people. In the meantime, we cannot wait for Trump to get his act together. Our members are working right now to put their love and heart into creating homemade PPE. Join us and sign up here.
  2. Tell Congress to save state and local governments! Layoffs and furloughs are happening around our state and country as a result of a loss in revenue due to increased unemployment, lack of sales tax due to closures of bars and restaurants, and more. We cannot put the health and safety of workers below corporate interests. As a result, we need the US Senate to pass the Heroes Act passed by the US House containing $1 trillion in state and local aid! Send a message to Congress by signing this petition
  3. Become an advocate for universal health care for ALL as a right and not a privilege. Our country is failing to live up to our shared values of serving the working poor and middle-class. We must do better and guarantee health care for every American. Right now is the perfect time to advocate for this right. While the wealthy and well-connected are getting more powerful, working people are continuing to worry about access and ability to pay for health insurance and their premiums and co-pays if they have insurance. Workers are worried about how they will afford to pay for exorbitantly priced prescription drugs and are watching loved ones and themselves being hurt by a system that benefits the few at the top at the expense of the rest of us. We need Congress to pass legislation guaranteeing healthcare for all.
  4. Fight for mental health investments so we can truly modernize our systems to care for the well-being of Minnesotans and all Americans. We have fallen behind as a nation and state with regard to funding mental health services. In this time of panic, many unknowns, and social distancing and isolation, now more than ever we must come together and listen to our friends, family, coworkers and strangers and fight for a properly-funded and staffed, modernized mental health care system. Tell your Members of Congress to make these critical investments! Take our mental health survey.
  5. Take to social media with the hashtag #FundTheFrontLines and #AFSCME5Proud and share a short video of how this pandemic is affecting you, your family, friends and community and why it is critical that politicians and leaders hear the concerns of working people. We need you to share your voice. Please tag us at @afscmemn5 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and email us directly at [email protected] with your stories, videos, and comments. Our union family must continue to share our perspectives with leaders and the public.
  6. Sign this "thank you" note to express your support for Governor Walz's decisive, evidence-based directives!

We are in unprecedented times of crisis and nervousness that we as a nation have not experienced for quite a while. As a union, we have the “People Power” to fight back against corporate greed and put the interests of working people at the front of the line. We can only ensure this is a possibility if we work together, share our stories and stay connected.

Siblings, “We Make Minnesota Work.” We must remain united and continue the good fight for the benefit of our members.