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AFSCME Council 5 honors the life of George Floyd and extends our deepest condolences and solidarity to the family and loved ones of George Floyd.

To be clear from the top: Our state employee contracts have been declared ratified and will be implemented, along with the 2nd year 2.5% cost of living increase beginning July 1, 2020 as we fought

AFSCME Council 5 Executive Director Julie Bleyhl has released the following statement:


First, we want to pay a special tribute to members and locals who have stepped up during this time of crisis. 

Members are working together to create and distribute critical homemade personal protective equipment. More help is needed! Click here to sign up and volunteer! Click here for easy step-by-step instrutions!

Individuals or AFSCME locals who are able to are encouraged to also donate to this effort by writing a check to us with the memo line of “AFSCME Council 5 COVID Fund.”

Local 34 has purchased 3,400 N95 masks to distribute to front-line workers in Hennepin County!

If you have heard or seen other members and locals stepping up, please send an email to [email protected] so we can pay tribute. ALL of our members deserve our thanks and praise. 


Sign our petition: thank Governor Tim Walz for his leadership!

Despite broad bipartisan agreement and the recommendations of experts, out-of-state actors and corporate interests are pressuring Gov. Walz to reject science and endanger thousands of lives by lifting the Stay at Home order too early. Now, more than ever, we must stand together and protect our most vulnerable neighbors and the front-line workers who serve them. Send a "thank you" to Governor Walz!

Please join your union family in thanking Gov. Walz for his leadership. Add your name to stand with Governor Walz today >>>


Tell the White House: Fully Activate the Defense Production Act Now!

Workers need the personal protective equipment necessary to keep them safe and healthy. The Trump Administration must activate the DPA to save lives! Click here to send a clear message! 


Tell Congress: Fund the Front Lines NOW!

Mitch McConnell recently said that he would rather let state and local governments go bankrupt than further invest in services or workers. That is abhorant! Public, private, and non-profit sector employees deserve to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, not a layoff or furlough notice. Send this letter to congressional leaders and tell them to pass a significant and robust state and local government funding package. This is an all hands on deck moment. 



Re: Additional federal funding for state and local governments

Senator (last name) or Representative (last name), 

This is _____ , with AFSCME Local ___,

       Thank you for listening to our members’ concerns and securing $150 billion in funding for state and local governments, to be used for COVID-related expenses and additional assistance for education, child care, and more programs in the $2.2 trillion CARES Act. Our members deliver critical public services that every Minnesotan can access. 

Im asking for your help again to request additional federal aid as Congress prepares another COVID-related aid package, including:

  • $300 billion more for all state and local governments and the flexibility to use these grants and the $150 billion allocated through the CARES Act for all necessary public services, including those that are not specific to COVID-19. 
  • Increase the federal match to Medicaid known as FMAP by no less than 15 percentage points to ensure states can fund rising Medicaid caseloads without diverting resources from other critical services.
  • Protect workers on the front lines by: 1) passing into federal law an emergency infectious disease standard so front-line workers in all states are covered, and 2) getting all workers critical personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies (wipes, bleach, etc.) to be safe 
  • We also encourage you to direct the President to use the Defense Production Act (DPA) to accelerate the production of necessary PPE. 
  • Additional funding for the education state stabilization fund, child care, and other needs including infrastructure.

We ask you to support these appropriations to maintain and strengthen our shared values. Thank you. 

Contact Information for the Minnesota Congressional Delegation

US Senator Amy Klobuchar (202) 224-3244

US Senator Tina Smith (202) 224-5641

Jim Hagedorn, 1st Congressional District (202) 225-2472

Angie Craig, 2nd Congressional District (202) 225-2271

Dean Phillips, 3rd Congressional District (202) 225-2871

Betty McCollum, 4th Congressional District (202) 225-6631

Ilhan Omar, 5th Congressional District (202) 225-4755

Tom Emmer, 6th Congressional District (202) 225-2331

Collin Peterson, 7th Congressional District (202) 225-2165

Pete Stauber, 8th Congressional District (202) 225-6211

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