2021-2023 Negotiating Committee Elected!

Congratulations to the following AFSCME 3800 members who were elected at our February membership meeting to represent their fellow clerical workers on the U of M AFSCME joint bargaining committee:

  • Cherrene Horazuk, she/her, HHH School of Public Affairs
  • Rosetta Chears, she/her, CEHD School of Social Work
  • Mahva Jones, she/her, School of Architecture, College of Design
  • Amanda Greenhart, she/her, Department of Speech Language Hearing Sciences, CLA
  • Sarah Vast, they/them, CEHD Curriculum and Instruction
  • Meron  Negussie, she/her, Labor Education Services, CSOM
  • Sarah Eckel, she/her, Office of Community Engagement, UofM Morris

There are four AFSCME locals at the U of M: 3260 - Health Care; 3800 - Clerical; 3801 - Duluth Clerical and Technical; and 3937 - Technical. All four locals will once again form a Joint Negotiating Committee for the 2021-2023 Contract. The approximately 3,000 Clerical, Technical, and Healthcare workers from throughout the entire University system will be speaking in one unified voice in contract negotiations