How Our Salaries Work (2019-2021 Contract)

Annual Step Increases

These are 2% raises that happen automatically every year on the anniversary of your date of hire (until you reach the top of the pay scale).

Across the Board Increases ("ATB")

These are negotiated every 2 years during contract negotiations. Our negotiated across-the-board salary increases of 2.25% were entered into the payroll system starting February 17, 2020 and began showing up on our March 11, 2020 paychecks. Everybody who is within the pay range saw a 2.25% increase. You will receive another 2.25% increase on June 8 of 2020. (our pay increases are not frozen!)

Retro Pay

These across the board increases are retroactive to December 23, 2019. The back pay for your increase between December 23 and February 16 will be added to your April 22, 2020 paycheck (or April 8th paycheck for some people). Retroactive increases need to be calculated for each person by departmental payroll, so the April 22 timeline is to ensure enough time for payroll staff to get everything in the system.

One-time "Lump Sums"

The $500 lump sum for people who have been here 15 years or more as of May 1, 2020 will receive their lump sum on the May 6, 2020 paycheck.  

Step Realignment - New Salary Grids

Our NEW SALARY GRIDS that maps our wage increases over this next year are out. As many of you know, one thing that we won for some of our lowest-paid co-workers was raising the bottom of our wage scales. 

Depending on your classification, between 2-9 steps have been removed from the bottom of our wage scales. This means that the numeration of our steps has changed.
If you were on a step that is being removed, you will be moved up to the new step 1 in your classification.

If you were already above the steps that are being removed, you will continue to move up the wage scale via 1.) your step on your anniversary date (approximately a 2% increase) and 2.) the across-the-board/general wage increase (2.25% for each year of the contract). 

What you will notice is that because there are fewer steps, you are now likely at a lower step than you previously were. While we recognize that this might look regressive, we assure you that this is just a number and does not reflect your seniority, does not affect your wage progression and does not affect your accruals or anything else.

How to Read the Salary Grid

Salary Grids can be viewed HERE.

Under the column "6/10/2019" find the wage you were making before the general increases on 3/11/20. That is the wage you would be making from 6/10/2019 - 12/22/2019. The next column in the same row, shows what your 2.25% increase should be after 12/23/2019 (i.e. what should/will be reflected on your paycheck now). The next column in the same row, shows the wage you will be making after the next 2.25% increase that will roll out on 6/8/2020.

If your anniversary date falls within these time periods, jump to the next row for the date range and follow the columns over as indicated.