Rosetta Chears (she/her)

Vice President/Chief Steward
(612) 314-6922

312 Central Ave Se, Suite 356
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Rosetta Chears has been a Field Program Coordinator at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work for over 22 years. She became active in her Union shortly after the strike in 2003. Remembering the experience of differential treatment, disrespect, and being devalued at her previous employer, and her passion to fight for equal treatment of workers, led her to become a steward in 2011. Subsequently in 2016, she became the Chief Steward. Rosetta’s conviction of defending the contract and breaking down the walls of bullying while building a respectful workplace, has earned her respect at various levels of management and with our members across the University. When not in her role as Chief Steward, she teaches Bible School at her church and she enjoys: crafting, media scrapbooking, travel, fishing, biking and binge watching TV series.