Eric Salminen

Full-time Organizer for AFSCME 3800

Eric has been active in the labor movement for 14 years. From 1998 to 2009 he was a high rise window cleaner where he was a member and Steward with SEIU Local 26 as well as a loader and sorter at UPS where he was an active member of Teamsters Local 638. He became a union steward at his window cleaning company after a friend died in a fall due to unsafe equipment on a job site.  He went on to be part of a campaign to organize window cleaners around safety which included a large civil disobedience action as well as memorial marches.  The campaign resulted in new safety legislation, the right to refuse unsafe work in the union contract, and a training fund paid for by the employer. Soon after that Eric took a job as a union organizer with SEIU Healthcare MN. Eric worked at SEIU HCMN for 10 years eventually becoming the Organizing Director and helping 21 groups of workers form unions as well as leading the campaign where 27,000 homecare workers across Minnesota formed a union. Eric left SEIU in 2018 and began working with AFSCME 3800 in January 2019.