In 1991, as clerical workers at the University of Minnesota, we came together to assert our rights as workers and as an important and essential part of this institution. THIS UNIVERSITY WORKS BECAUSE WE DO!

Advocacy & Job Security

If the U doesn't respect its long-term clerical workers, it won't respect any of us. Laying off long-time employees to save money has long been the practice. Join Local 3800 and take a stand. We expect respect!

Remember when...

  • Your seniority applied to only one department?
  • You could work at the U for years--even 30 years--and still be considered a temp?
  • Full-time clericals had their hours cut--even to 75%!--without layoff protections?
  • Supervisors could block the reinstatement of your seniority, vacation and sick leave?

Since we've organized...

  • Layoff rights are based on total U Seniority.
  • After 3 years in the same temporary position, you are converted to continuing status.
  • We've broadened recall and bumping rights to collegiate/administrative units.
  • We doubled layoff notification to 28 days.
  • Your seniority can not be taken away for a break in service.
  • If you're a full timer reduced below 90% you can claim layoff and bumping rights.

Salary Increases

Did you know that Minnesota law requires the U to pay salaries comparable to those of state workers? Since 1981, when the U ended step increases to save money, we've fallen behind. Local 3800 has worked to remedy this. We took a big step in the 2001 contract negotiations when we won a $12.00/hour minimum salary for clerical workers at the U. Many clerical workers received raises of two or three dollars an hour as a result of that victory. We continue to work for a living wage for all clerical workers at the U of M.

Remember when...

  • Only 68 of 3200 clericals at the U were at the top of the pay scale?
  • There were no step increases?
  • We didn't have any influence in our own salaries?
  • The length of time you worked here and the money you earned didn't match up?
  • Clerical workers started at $7 or $8/hour?

Since we've organized...

  • Step increase system was reinstated. Now, 300 clericals are at the top.
  • As a Union, clericals have a say in our own salaries. We negotiate salary increases every two years. Our Union sets the standard for the civil service increases.
  • Union members received step increases during the 1993 pay freeze.
  • We added steps to the top of the pay range for long-term employees.
  • We took several steps off the bottom of the lowest paying classes.
  • Across the board salary increases move the entire salary range up.

Recognition For Your Work

Clerical work is a career. Abuses still happen, but now you have a way to get justice!

Remember when...

  • Supervisors manipulated Job Evaluation Questionnaires (JEQs) unopposed?
  • You were alone with the difficult, lengthy process of a JEQ?
  • You were given very little information?
  • Your knowledge of you job was disregarded in the JEQ process?
  • If you were brave enough to file a grievance, you had no one to adovcate for you?
  • Management eliminated job classes, removing your chances for career advancement?

Since we've organized...

  • You now have the right to have your JEQ answers scored.
  • Our Union, with management, developed a JEQ manual.
  • You have the right to Union representation when you decide to appeal your JEQ.
  • Management can't eliminate classes without negotiating with us.
  • You should be notified about vacancies in your department.
  • Management must interview the two most senior applicants for a position.
  • Through the Job Class Taskforce, the Union and management will evaluate the system.
  • Our goal is an internal hiring priority. Our experience if valuable.

More Flexibility

Our national Union was an integral part of the lobbying efforts behind the FMLA and ADA!

Remember when...

  • Your supervisor controlled your seniority, vacation and sick leave accrual?
  • Your supervisor could eliminate your flexible schedule?
  • Your supervisor could tell you when to take your vacation time or deny your vacation without justification?
  • Your supervisor could arbitrarily deny release time for classes and even decide which classes you could take on your own time?!?

Since we've organized...

  • You're entitled to your vacation and sick leave accrual if you return to the U within 3 years.
  • You can discuss flexible scheduling twice a year; if your request is denied, you can appeal.
  • You can take up to 16 hours for your child's school business.
  • You now have access to any class at the U on your own time.
  • Your rights to take care of yourself and your family have been expanded under the Americans with Disabilities and Family and Medical Leave Acts.

The Union is a resource. Find out about your rights!