Tentative Agreement vote passes

In every public employment contract, some always manage to see all the giving going to undeserving others and the taking only coming from themselves. When one troubles to closely check, Council 5 was not found anywhere on record, in writing, siding for or against the TA.

Searching the web for startribune union recommends rejecting contract offer finds:
https://www.startribune.com/possible-hormel-strike-looms-as-union-recommends-rejecting-contract-offer/ with no results found for startribune "AFSCME recommends rejecting contract offer". We find Hormel, a private company, nothing comes up we can pin on AFSCME.
Searching startribune AFSCME recommends accepting contract offer (without quotes) finds only the past, not the present:
2015 — The American Association of State, County and Municipal Employees negotiating committee is recommending its 17,500 members covered accept
2015An AFSCME spokeswoman said the union has a policy of not commenting publicly until talking to members about tentative agreements.
Yes, in 2015 there was self-contradicting partiality by some long gone AFSCME spokesperson.

We do note that in the 2023 State contract vote, C5 telegraphed a partiality-laden but silent intentional communication by voting on employer's premises (at Duluth) the textbook classic way of showing partiality for a contract without actually saying so.

C5 posts (green from PDF's below) said AFSCME's negotiating team recommended the TA, and as this all-volunteer negotiating team is a body always nominated by member votes, what negotiators say is not some paid Council Staff's own recommendation. Sort of. Funny that, in Duluth's contract  voting, were ballots being collected by a Council staff member, or a negotiator? Union volunteers are impossibly sparse for thankless poll duty, resulting in poll locations steadily tracking away from churches into booze bars and night clubs - places not known for providing quiet voting experiences. VFW clubs might yet become even better for quiet study and review of important key personal decisions than public libraries, but really. Quiet VFW clubs? Come on.

There wasn't any partiality, committed to explicitly in writing, by C5, except that invented to bring division about conducting elections by members, most who stayed clear to avoid being yelled at about exercizing their right to vote. If you can't win on the facts argue the law. If there are no facts - yell, shout and scream until you win. There was mention of contract process, very wise suggestion to considering all of the entire package offer.
We encourage all of our union members to analyze and assess the Tentative Agreement as a whole package, not segmenting pieces of the agreement alone.

An alienated, irritated, precariously edgy and angered member is not going to analyze anything. There will be nothing getting closely checked, there will only be trouble.

Council 5 now has an interim Director to replace Julie Bleyhl.