"How to" guides offered from Local perspective

The Local, at meetings, does listen to challenges members face. Not every issue is about one, particular individual, some things bother many workers and sometimes extra clues and hints might help, such as claiming work-related expenses. Employee expenses and their hassles are to employers everywhere the same rigamarole that AFSCME union requires to avoid running afoul of tax laws.

The contract is a legal document that covers all the State's AFSCME employees, running 600 plus pages with lots of caveats and gotchas. Labor contracts are known for befuddling legalese, it is at times a snipe hunt to find and understand basic things.  Elected officers intend to give all they've got, but  some have found mentoring or training on the ways of AFSCME lacking for their position in office. 

A link follows for a graphic example on how to claim employee expense for miles, meals, version 8. 

     Employee expense worksheet example