"How to" guides

At 695's regular meetings, challenges facing members are heard and discussed. Not every issue is about one, particular lone individual, some things bother many more than one worker. 
Employee expense reimbursement documentaions are hassles everywhere, a drudgerous rigamarole every legit outfit does to avoid running afoul of tax laws. What seems petty, ridiculous or unnecessary might only be necessary because there were too many cases of rampant dishonesty, fraud and unscrupulous claims creating serious problems.
Ideas coming down from MnDOT's ranked admin staff can have merit, but the AFSCME contract is not subject to spurious, unilateral abridgements. Creative-sounding trials, experiments and pilot tests, heralded "as if" some formal MOU passed by vote of members, typically run against member interests. Stick to what the contract says, not changes to it that arrive by E-mail.  A link follows for a graphic example of an employee expense worksheet for miles, meals, version 9.  EXPENSE SHEET EXAMPLE