Local 66 SLC Civil Service and Merit TA Updates

Our negotiating team has reached a tentative agreement with St. Louis County. The negotiating team, made up of ten elected members of the Basic and Merit bargaining units, are recommending that members vote to accept the tentative agreement.

Meetings will be held at the following times and places to present the details of the agreement to members. A full accounting of the tentative agreement will be provided at the meetings and distributed after they occur. A copy will be emaild through the Basic-Merit email list as well.

Voting on the tentative agreement will be held December 18th at various locations throughout the County. Here's a flier delineating all the times and places where members will be able to vote. All members in good standing have a right to vote on the agreement. Print it off, post it on your union bulletin board at work, and share it with your coworkers!