Greetings AFSCME 221 members

We are only posting this for clarity. NOT supporting.  This is a “policy” that has come straight from Gov. Walz.  This IS NOT an agreed upon contract or policy.  We (all unions MMA, MAPE, MGEC) have no say in this.  Although, through member action we can and will be heard.


Minnesota Covid-19 Testing Mandate

AFSCME has made a statement that they "DO NOT SUPPORT MANDATORY VACCINATIONS". It is in a press release from late on August 11th. (SEE MEMBERLINK OR FACEBOOK AFSCME COUNCIL 5)


If any investigation or discipline happens as a result of this policy, please contact your steward or local 221 at [email protected]


Policies are still changing and come from the top down. So please stay up to date as best you can.

Look under COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination and Testing.


What NOT to do:  Please do not call or email Council 5, Any local 221 officers, stewards or even management and harass them with aggression. The union, MNDOT did not make this policy. Gov Walz did.


What TO do:  In order to make this effective we must go through proper channels and get our message to the Governor, MMB and legislators.  You can email your legislators (who are exempt from this policy) on your own or email/call Governor here

MMB here  

[email protected]  (651) 201-8011

MNDOT here  

MNDOT policy Coordinator

[email protected]