Up Comming Events

Good morning brothers and sisters. Today I finally have a few minutes to get a few things that have been handed to me up and on the website. First time putting up something so lets hope this goes well :o)

First of all is Day On The Hill. We have not seen very many getting registered for this event. It is an interesting day to say the least. To get the most of it we NEED support out of as many members as we can. How can you support us at Day On The Hill? By getting out there! Call or contact Cathy Malvin or visit The AFSCME website there should be links in many locations both at this local website, and the council 5 website. Please get signed up and join us at DOTH 2018!

Second will be about the mailings i am sure you all got, if not you will be getting soon. The one in particular is the MSRS Board Member Voting Ballot. I have been told that we are trying to support Jacqueline Terry. She is very much dedicated to protecting our retirement security, and as we are all going to retire at some time you can guess just how important security with retirement is. Get that ballot now and vote. You have to get it in the mail ASAP as it it time sensitive.

Third is our Local Meetings, I know it was short notice that the meeting in February was canceled (hope you made it to your local caucus) but this puts the March meeting as busy. We will be voting for delegates to send to the SEPC conference (April 27th). If you are interested please show up, or contact Cathy or someone you know that will attend the meeting. They can get you info on the SEPC. Also in March is DOTH. March 20th as metioned before talk with Cathy Malvin if interested.

Last is the International Convention. It is in Boston this year, and we will be sending 2 delegates. Again if at all interested or just currious about what will be involved contact Cathy Malvin as she will get you all the info you may need or want!