Online Training Available for AFSCME Women Leading Change

Across the nation, women are creating change for working families more than ever before. The Women’s Leadership Academy is ready to train more AFSCME women to be leaders of that change.

Introducing the 2019 Women’s Leadership Academy Online, which is kicking off trainings starting Oct. 16.

Designed for all AFSCME women, the academy will consist of four modules aimed at giving women the skills and support they need to stand tall for workers’ rights and increase political and workplace power on a greater scale.

This series of live webinars or Facebook Live sessions will provide a deeper understanding of the issues that affect working women, strengthen leadership skills and activism, and aspire AFSCME women to be leaders in their workplaces and in their unions across the country.

While we will continue to build a community of top-notch AFSCME women leaders, this entirely online program can be adapted to participants’ busy lives. The sessions can be viewed live or later, and in each session, participants will be encouraged to engage in discussions, view master classes and complete online activities with other AFSCME women.

The topics will include: “Inclusive Leadership,” “Political Activism as Leadership,” “Leadership in the Workplace” and “Women Leaders in AFSCME.” When they complete all four webinars, participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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