AFSCME members rock the Capitol at Day on the Hill

Nearly a thousand AFSCME members from across Minnesota converged at the State Capitol on March 26 for our biggest, most impactful event of the year: Day on the Hill.

This year’s program was fresh and member-driven. The day began with a workshop on how bills become laws and why coming to the Capitol and talking to our legislators is so important. Following the workshop, members packed the St. Paul RiverCentre ballroom to hear stories from workers about the significance of our work, the ways in which public workers enhance and enrich our communities, and how our ability to provide crucial public services hinges on the support of our lawmakers.

Members cheered as the session opened and House Speaker Melissa Hortman joined Council 5 Executive Director John Westmoreland on the dais. “This is a monumental moment for us,” said Westmoreland. “We have never, as a guest at our Day on the Hill, had the honor of the presence of the Speaker of the House.”

Together, Speaker Hortman and Westmoreland listened to the stories of seven AFSCME members from different walks of life. “This morning, we’re going to hear some of our members talk about the values we shared throughout the course of 2018. Then you’ll have an opportunity to hear from the Speaker of the House on how our values and the values of the House of Representatives of Minnesota are in the same place,” Westmoreland told the crowd. Following the members’ presentations, Speaker Hortman took the podium to reaffirm the importance of our work and her support for our union and our values.

“We have so much in common. What our work is grounded in is respect and dignity for each and every person,” said Speaker Hortman. “And the value of organizing and accomplishing things together that we can’t do by ourselves, and we so completely share your values.”

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