Union 411: How and why we organize

As solidarity actions and strikes sweep the nation, workers are making history by organizing their workplaces for the first time.

When workers belong to a union, they have a unified voice to create safer, stronger and healthier workplaces. Organizing is our most effective tool to determine workplace dignity, hours, working conditions and quality of life. Workers aren’t stuck with dangerous workplace conditions with poor wages and benefits. They can improve them, together.

By organizing and joining the AFSCME family, workers are better positioned to fight for change, and win. The labor movement is stronger with every new union that organizes and each new member who joins us.

Check out our newest video from Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride, “Union 411: How and why we organize.” In this installment, McBride dives into the reasons why workers organize their union for the first time, the steps that it takes to organize, and the difference that having a voice on the job can make. There’s strength in numbers, and there’s power in our union.

Union 411: How and Why We Organize

Union 411: How and Why We Organize