AFSCME Stands With UnRestrict Minnesota Campaign To Advance Economic Justice For All Minnesotans


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AFSCME Stands With UnRestrict Minnesota Campaign To Advance Economic Justice For All Minnesotans

** 7:00pm CT tonight: AFSCME to host Facebook Live Q&A event with union leaders, members and advocates **

AFSCME Council 5, a union representing more than 43,000 public sector workers across the state, announced today that it is partnering with the public education campaign UnRestrict Minnesota to help raise awareness of current abortion restrictions, and the risk they pose to Minnesotans’ health and fundamental rights.

“Unions have a proud history of fighting for the rights of all working people, and health care - including safe, legal and affordable abortion care - is fundamental to those rights,” said AFSCME Council 5 Treasurer and Local 753 Vice President Destiny Dusosky. “So when the opportunity arose to join the the UnRestrict Minnesota campaign, we didn’t hesitate. AFSCME leaders from across the state voted overwhelmingly in favor of joining this effort, and advancing economic, racial and gender justice for all Minnesotans. I am so proud that my union is fighting to keep politicians out of our personal health care decisions.”

The urgent need for this campaign was highlighted by a recent PerryUndem poll that found 96% of Minnesota voters cannot accurately describe one state law or restriction on abortion, despite the fact that state lawmakers have proposed nearly 400 such laws since 1995 alone. That same year, the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in Doe v. Gomez that the state constitution protects not only the right to have an abortion, but also the right to decide to have an abortion without government interference or bias. The state’s many abortion restrictions are not only unconstitutional; they create undue economic hurdles and barriers to needed health care.      

“Alongside the growing community of advocates, health care providers and other partners, we are delighted to welcome AFSCME into the UnRestrict Minnesota campaign,” said Gender Justice Advocacy Director Erin Maye Quade. “AFSCME, and labor as a whole, has long been at the forefront of the quest for justice - including the fight for gender, racial, and economic justice. AFSCME’s voice is vital in this fight for meaningful access to affordable and accessible health care.” 

AFSCME Council 5 will host a Facebook Live event at 7:00pm CT this evening to discuss the union’s role in UnRestrict Minnesota and in the fight for reproductive rights. Gender Justice Advocacy Director Erin Maye Quade will join AFSCME Council 5 Vice President Carmen Brown, Secretary Cherrene Horazuk, and members Theresa St. Aoro, Jen Guertin and Erica Kantola to explore the critical importance of reproductive rights to workers rights and economic justice.   

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